We promote windshield repair, because we know that it's less expensive than replacement. Auto glass repair is considerably less expensive than replacement. But if you wait too long, and the damage has time to spread, windshield repair will no longer be an option. Whether it's a chip, ding, star break, bulls-eye, edge crack or any other kind of windshield fracture, our trained technicians fix it – and quick! 


We work with all the nationally recognized insurance companies as well as all the smaller local companies. We confirm coverage with the Lynx and Safelite Glass Networks. Most times there is no cost to the consumer when filing a claim under their comprehensive insurance. We verify insurance coverage and perform the repair right on the spot in about 15 minutes. Our goal is to prevent further cracking of the windshield and get your customers back on the road as quickly as possible; but not before having a great experience so they tell their friends!